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Peer Review Certificate Duffner & Company System Review Report

William A. Hughes, LLC
Certified Public Accountants

History of Practice

(cont'd) . . . In the early months of 1981, I engaged in a business association with another CPA and we shared offices on the north side of Chicago. This association lasted about a year. At the beginning of 1983, I engaged in a business partnership with another CPA and we formed the firm of Hughes & Fortineaux with offices located in Evergreen Park, Illinois.

The firm specialized in doing audits of not-for-profit organizations, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) financed properties and other program audits required by the federal government based on A-133 compliance requirements.

The firm did management consulting for small businesses which encompassed setting up computer systems, training staff on the use of computers and how to input accounting data in the software used by the organization.

The firm rendered accounting and payroll service for various business which included filing quarterly payroll tax returns and preparing W-2's at year end. We also prepared reviewed and/or compiled financial statements on an as needed basis.
As everyone knows, accountants prepare income taxes. Besides the preparation, we provided electronic filing of taxes, fast refunds within 24 hours, direct deposit of refunds, and tax planning for individuals. We prepared corporate and partnership tax returns for small privately owned business and not-for-profit organizations.
Besides not-for-profit organizations, our client based included funeral parlors, health care businesses, churches, real estate entities, roller rinks, construction companies, doctors, attorneys, and various other businesses.

As all things must pass, after 18 years, I purchased an office building and relocated my business and formed a Limited Liability Company (LLC) which is located at . . .

8435 S. Cottage Grove,
Chicago, IL 773-873-0170

The firm is licensed with the State of Illinois with a renewal date of November 2015. The firm passed its peer review in 2011. The next scheduled peer review will be in 2014.

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