William A. Hughes, LLC - CPA
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Solution Approach
and Philosophy

The company's solution approach is simple . . . 

We solve our clients' PROBLEMS

The Philosophy

Is to provide the highest quality of service, professionalism, and individual attention to each client in approaching the needs of our.....
and CORPORATE accounts.
We recognize that such an approach frequently requires additional personal time and energy.
However, this concept is something to which we are committed as a firm and for which we will not compromise.

We believe this approach is a major source in developing strong relationships with existing clients and acquiring new business.

As a result, our emphasis is to promote a feeling of personalized service, individual attention, and competitive fees.

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William A. Hughes, LLC
Certified Public Accountants

History of Practice

Mr. Hughes graduated from DePaul University in the summer of 1973. Immediately after graduation, he went to work for the tenth largest accounting firm in the nation. At that time, the largest accounting firms were known as the big eight; now they are known as the final four. I worked for this firm for four years and then went to work for a smaller minority accounting firm which I continued to work for till the end of 1980.
At this time in my life I had developed enough skills to venture out on my own. However, I did not have a clue on how I was going to succeed in this business. I was able to pick up a few clients from the business relationships I had developed during the years. In addition, I started doing per diem work for other small CPA firms and attorneys that only needed someone for special engagements or during peak periods . . . (cont'd)

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